Pharma Lessons Ltd was found in 2013 as a distance learning portal where people could find free easily accessible courses and resources prepared for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

But we decided that you deserve more!

You inspired us to embrace an ever-evolving strategic plan for change. We developed our own learning management system that would give access to our full portfolio of certificate and free GxP courses and would enable people, all over the world, to gain knowledge in a convenient and trouble-free way. Because everything we do is driven by one simple thing: we strive to help you achieve your best!

No matter whether you are a student, looking to start a successful career in the industry, a research institute or a hospital, trying to provide the most cost-effective solution to its members, or a multi-national pharma company, trying to implement a central solution for all its offices, we want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship.

Because we want to leave a mark. Every day. With you.

Welcome to Pharma Lessons Ltd.